Regarding the Wearing of Jewelry

Adorn Yourself with The Word of God

11/18/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy, for his wife: Lord, is it OK to wear jewelry with symbols of faith, such as crosses?

[Answer from God The Father] Timothy, you shall not adorn yourself with jewelry of any kind, save the band of your union with your wife. Rather adorn yourself with The Word of God; yea put on Messiah, who is called Christ, and walk in His ways, striving always to bear His likeness. And let your wife adorn herself in like manner. For she is beautiful as she is, as I have made her.
Yet to you, Beloved, I say this: You may wear such symbols in remembrance of The Son’s sacrifice, in all humility and love, if they are worn close to the body, in private. For I tell you the truth, a symbol of faith worn in a modest fashion is no graven image. Therefore have peace, for I know your heart and Whom you worship.

Yet woe to those who wear such symbols for the sake of vanity, or as a trophy or sign of their own goodness and beliefs. For by their actions they do always blaspheme, taking the name of The Lord in vain, though they have not opened their mouths to speak... Woe to those who dwell in the limelight, whose showmanship is likened unto a star! Woe to those who adorn themselves with all manner of sparkling ornaments, fine jewelry and expensive apparel, while also bearing symbols of the cross, for theirs is the greater sin! Thus under the guise of pretense and false glory is their true raiment hidden. For they do not know Me, neither do I live in them.
For what do all these things have to do with Me? Is it not the humble, penitent man who gives Me glory in all his ways? For he seeks to honor Me, to please Me above all else. He wants no part in the ways of this world, neither does he seek glory for himself. By his actions he shines forth, seeking glory for The One alone who is God. Thus the man who places Me foremost, in all things, shall also be first when The Glory comes... Therefore, let all those who truly know Me proclaim My name first by their ways, then with their mouths. For honor only spoken of is but wind, the veil of the hypocrite who knows not where he is going, having no remorse over where he has been.

So then, Beloved, again I say to you, wear under your garments symbols of faith, if it is truly close to your heart to do so, for a modest servant is well-pleasing to The Lord. Yet you, Timothy, are My prophet; you may not. For a prophet of The Most High must remain naked of this world, he must stand apart from those who blaspheme and take My name in vain... And behold, in the day I send him he shall cast down the graven images and break apart the idols, to which the people have bowed down! He shall topple every statue, to which this foolish and deceived generation has prayed, smashing them to pieces! For in that day, he shall bear the righteousness of My vesture and wield the sword of My indignation!

Behold, My servants seek to glorify Me,
When they go out and when they come in;
In open and in secret, they bring glory to My name...
Lo, they keep The Commandments of God
And have the testimony of YahuShua The Messiah,
He who is called Jesus and Christ...

And their testimony is true...

Says The Lord.

From: Adorn Yourself with The Word of God

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