False Doctrines Within the Churches of Men Regarding...

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The Day of The Lord


- Also see: PART 1 - Q & A: What is the State of the Dead? (Bible/Letter Study)

"Hell" and Eternal Torment

- Also see: The State of the Dead and The Fate of the Wicked: The False Doctrine of Hell and Eternal Torment Exposed

The Holidays of Men

The Holy Days

The Holy Spirit

- Also see: The False Doctrine of “The Trinity” Exposed - The Holy Spirit is Not a Person


The Jesus of the Churches of Men

The Millennial Kingdom

Materialism; Prosperity

Mistranslation and Misinterpretation of the Bible

The Name of The Lord

Original Sin



The "Rapture"

The Sabbath

- Also see: Grace AND The Law (Bible/Letter Study)


Second Chances

Spiritual Warfare

Staying Separate

The Ten Commandments

- Also see: Grace AND The Law (Bible/Letter Study)


The True Church

The Two Witnesses

The 144,000

More False Doctrines - The Catholic Church

- Also See: God Speaks About The Sabbath; Regarding The Ten Commandments; Regarding Crucifying The Messiah in Your Heart; Regarding The Holy Spirit; Regarding The Holy Days of God; Regarding the Holidays of Men; Regarding Hell and Eternal Torment; Regarding Children’s Inheritance on Earth and in Heaven; Regarding True Repentance; Regarding Being Born Again; Regarding Salvation; Regarding Baptism; Regarding Spiritual Warfare; Regarding the First Death; Regarding the Second Death; Regarding Judas Iscariot; Regarding the 144,000 Witnesses; Regarding the Wearing of Jewelry

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