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"Beloved, I delight in that which one gives to
Another in My name, and by the works of their
Own hands and feet in all righteousness;
This is the tithe in which I delight most...

Says The Lord YahuShua."

From: Be a Part of The Trumpet Call


1/26/07 Wisdom Given to Timothy
For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Abraham gave a tenth of all he had to Melchizedek, king of Salem; and later a portion was also given of the tribes of Israel to the Levites, so they may serve God without hindrance.
Yet today the voice of God is not with His people as it was then, for it is written: The heart of this people has waxed gross, their ears are very dull of hearing and their eyes they have shut, lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart, and be fully converted, and I should heal them, says The Lord.
Therefore give directly to the poor, as your heart leads you, for this is well-pleasing to The Lord. For no servant of God shall profit by monetary means, but shall profit only by that which The Lord gives. And what He gives is true, and in no wise is it of men or mammon.

For thus says The Lord: Beloved, I delight in that which one gives to another in My name, and by the works of their own hands and feet in all righteousness; this is the tithe in which I delight most.
Therefore if one comes to you, saying, “Give me a cup of water,” give them a drink in My name. And if another comes, saying, “I need clothes, for I am cold and naked,” clothe them, and give them your coat also. And if this same one asks, “Will you walk with me this far?” Go with them double.

Therefore tithe not only of your money
And material possessions, but also
Of your strength and your time,
As one willing to give up
Their life for My sake...

For this is to truly know Me...

This is to walk in Me, in My very footsteps,
And to love your neighbor as yourself,
Says The Lord YahuShua.

From: Tithing


2/27/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Little flock, hear now and understand, says The Lord.

For thousands of years My people have brought Me offerings, even from the very beginning. Indeed many gifts have been placed upon My altar, yet not all were accepted... A gift of love is accepted, a gift of worship is well pleasing in My sight, a gift of thanksgiving is a very wise offering indeed.
Yet those who come to leave their gift for their own sake, or for the sake of the onlooker, are not accepted. And those who offer a gift, and then remember that a brother or sister has something against them, should leave their gift and go and be reconciled to their brother or sister, and then come and offer their gift, as it is written. And those who offer a gift for those in need, with no thought to whom it is truly offered, let them keep their gift and do with it as they please; it is not accepted. And those who give begrudgingly do not know Me.
How is it that many of you must be prompted to do a good deed? Has goodness now become a burden to you? Or is the one in the mirror your only concern? Do not be fooled, but remember: It is who you choose that defines what you do.[1] And faith without works is dead, even as works done without faith are dead also. And one who bears their own burdens must also bear the heat of the day. Yet one who lets go, cutting every cord that binds them to this world, walks free, and shall be given eagle’s wings. For idle hands lack bread, and an idle heart lacks trust; their backs are bent down always, their countenances fallen, their eyelids have grown very heavy. Yet love strengthens the spirit and washing another’s feet is good for the soul, renewing the whole of the body.
Little flock, why do you hold on so tightly to that which is passing away, and grasp that which is not your own? Why do you cast off knowledge and depart from trust, choosing rather to embrace your own selfish expectations, which only cause you to stumble? I am very displeased. Yet I remain always The Good Teacher, who continually reminds His students of that which He has taught them before they lose sight of The Goal. I remain also The Faithful Shepherd, who calls to His sheep before they have wandered too far, The Wise and Loving Father who makes the sins of His beloved known early, while they are still able to step easily off the crooked path, Says The Lord.

From: Offerings



Comfort the sick, lift up the downtrodden, and visit those in prison; clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and above all feed the hungry; do so in My name. For in Me shall all find comfort, exaltation, companionship, warm coverings and sanctuary from the storm; even food and drink for their soul shall they receive in Me. For all these things are the very definition and purpose of love.

Thus as I am, so also were you created...

Understand Love...

For in My love were you created,
To receive and to give;
And in the giving does one also receive...

Therefore, love one another
As I have loved you...

Says The Lord your Redeemer.

From: Charity

Walking Together in The Father’s Joy

Blessed is the man who gives out of the abundance of his heart. For one such as this gives, knowing in his heart that all he has is Mine and all I have is his, given and received according to the knowledge of My will for those who believe. For this man knows what it is to be My servant. He is bound by nothing, a man who walks free in all the earth, blessing the name of The Lord his God with enduring trust.
Therefore those who give out of obligation know not the joy of The Lord, nor of the freedom which comes by service, helping others in My name.

Yet the servant whose heart leaps with joy
At the thought of washing the feet of the poor,
Who also eagerly seeks out the afflicted,
To give them comfort, knows that whatsoever
They do for another they have also done for Me...

For these know Me, and I live in them...

And together we shall walk,
Choosing the good and refusing the evil,
Until we walk together anew in My kingdom...

Says The Lord.

Walking Together in The Father’s Joy

Glad Service

A right heart brings forth glad service,
And a joyful giver reaps what he sows;
Life in abundance shall be his reward...

Yet the heart of the wicked seeks his own way;
And he too shall reap according
To that which he has sown,
Welcoming death when it comes.

From: Glad Service

One Body

This is the way of The Lord...

That one in need in My body
Be supported by their brothers and sisters,
With all members becoming one...

One body, in Me...

That he who is able to walk in Me
Dwell alongside those who are weak,
For they are in need of strengthening...

Lo, you shall all wash each other’s feet!...

Even as I do likewise
Through you and amongst you,
To the praise of My glory...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

From: One Body

Serving Others in Love

Beloved, by serving others in love,
Putting their needs before your own...

By sacrificing yourself,
Your desires, your wants, your will,
Your body, even your very life...

Will you learn what it truly means
To wash each other’s feet...

Says The Lord.

Serving Others in Love‎‎

Idle Hands

Idle hands lack bread,
And an idle heart lacks trust;
Their backs are bent down always,
Their countenances fallen,
Their eyelids have grown very heavy...

Yet love strengthens the spirit,
And washing another’s feet
Is good for the soul,
Renewing the whole of the body...

Says The Lord.

From: Idle Hands‎‎

3/25/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Thus says The Lord: Blessed is that servant of Mine who seeks out the poor, whose heart is eager to help the needy, for they know My ways and seek to please Me. Blessed also is My servant who gives out of the abundance they have received, for they walk in My ways. Yet most blessed is My servant who gives from their lack, for they do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God; indeed, they have understood.
Yet woe to those who ignore the poor and draw back their hand from the needy, while they sit at ease in their abundance. For destitution is coming, and shall be born out of great desolation, in the day I take away their abundance and leave their houses desolate. Woe also to those who say they are My servants, yet refuse to help those in need, for only tears and sorrow await them. And woe to those who fail to give even the smallest amount, claiming they are in lack, for they have no trust, having learned nothing from the poor widow.[2]

Little flock, have you learned nothing from My Word? Have you so quickly forgotten My Letters, in where I have taught you the way in which you should walk? Indeed, who you choose defines what you do, as I have already told you.[3] And who are the poor and the needy? How have you treated them, while entreating Me? Do not lie to yourselves, beloved ones. Every one of you who sit at this table want for nothing. Shall you mince words over a dollar, while others sit upon the ground seeking to draw water from a pit? Shall you covet five dollars or even ten as you drive about in your automobiles, while your brothers and sisters abroad willingly walk miles to preach My Word, with joy, even to their dying breath?
And still some of you sit at ease in your padded chairs, punching the keys, saying within yourselves, “I am delivered.” You are not delivered! From the power of sin, yes, My children, I have delivered you, yet some of you remain married to this world. And those who remain married to another, even to themselves, can by no means be joined unto Me, lest adultery be brought into the house of The Lord."

Excerpt from: Reasonable Service

10/7/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy

"So then, My beloved servants, share your gifts: Lift up the poor and help the needy, give drink to the thirsty and feed the hungry, share My love and wash each other’s feet. Yet no longer be a friend of this world,[4] and no more walk in the ways of the churches of men, for they have not known Me."

Excerpt from: Christmas

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