Lamentations From The Lord

Section One

2/14/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Blood pours down, a waterfall of tears flow down! Rivers of tears and blood run through the desolate places, yet no growth is seen; nothing at all sprouts forth from the hard and cracked ground! The sound of the charadrion is not heard, neither do the doves come out of their hiding places in the morning; no song is heard... Blood pours down to cover the mountains! Blood pours down and tears cover the land! Blood and tears fall upon the parched ground, yet only dust and ashes remain.
The earth cries out in the morning, and the people mourn at eventide; from dusk until the dawn, the bodies are piled up in heaps! The whole world loves violence, and over all this murder barely a tear is shed; the voice of weeping and lamentation is rarely heard above a whisper. And the cries of every unborn child is muffled by the sound of their mother’s dying womb, as her heart becomes stone... The light of her eyes darkening; her life, forfeit.
Mankind is covered in wickedness! The breadth of the whole earth is filled with every kind of evil! Every tree is dry and bears bitter fruit! For the heart of man is black, the void within him deep, a widening chasm filled with deep darkness, sheer cliffs on every side!... Every branch withers, no more will leaves appear, dry and dead branches ready to be broken off and cast into the fire.

The heart of The Lord your God is very heavy. The heart of The Lord is enraged, and is very heavy. The sorrow of The Lord is deep and infinite.

My people, let it be known to you, I take no pleasure at all in what I must do, in what must be done - NO PLEASURE AT ALL! Says The Lord. As My hand draws back, blood pours down! As I strike the earth in My anger, My tears run down! As famine spreads forth across the land, My heart is rent inside Me over the hardness of men’s hearts! As My face fills with the heat of My fury, My eyes are set ablaze with fire over that which I see! My tears run down, My blood pours down. As My own servants turn from Me and run, as My own beloved, whom I have called sons and daughters, turn and fight against Me, as My own body betrays Me, My blood pours down, My tears run down.

As the nations come together and bind
My hands and My feet, My tears run down...
As they bruise Me and spit in My eyes,
While mocking Me, My tears run down...
As they pierce My side, My blood and
Tears run down together!...
As My own people drive in the nails still,
I am risen up from My place with My arms
Spread apart, waiting to receive them!
My blood runs down, the tears run down...


Hard generation! Sleeping children! Even My own fall asleep, unable to watch with Me for one hour; their hearts hardened, unwilling to weep with Me in this last hour. Do you not understand My sorrows, little flock? They refuse to be healed! Therefore, I must destroy them!...
My blood runs down, and they refuse it! My tears fall like rain upon the nations, yet they will not lift their head, nor do they hold out their tongue to drink it! Where have all My children gone?! They choose death! THEY CHOOSE DEATH! And at the last day, they shall surely receive it; they shall taste of it to the fullest! Therefore do My tears run down; therefore do the rivers run like death through the waste places.
Beloved, they heap up death, only to throw themselves upon the heap! Lo, they have made their covenant with death, and with the grave they are in agreement! They burn candles and make sacrifices to other gods; yea, they bow down to them! Behold, they shall be slaughtered and burned together!... The whole field is diseased, every leaf is blighted and withers, every stalk is rotten even to the roots! It must be purged and burned with fire! Therefore do My tears run down; therefore does My sorrow continue on, forever. The wound is incurable! Therefore My love will weep, and My heart will wail, forever.

Have you not read My words, little flock? Are your ears yet dull of hearing? Yet My words shall not return void. For the beasts of the earth languish, and the creatures of flight fail to soar, for they know what is coming. Lo, I have nourished and brought forth young children to weep in your places, for you were unwilling.
And still the mighty stand proud, and the feeble follow close behind in their example, refusing to bow down, covering themselves in pretense while wearing many disguises, until the face they behold in the mirror has become unrecognizable to them.


My blood runs down, yet I do not know them!
My tears run down, yet My own people remain
Unclean, hiding always in their deceitful houses!...
From the least to the greatest, I tell you,
They have surely hated Me!...

Therefore I am come down to take My spoil,
To purge and to slaughter! Blood and fire!
Rivers of blood and pillars of smoke!...

This world is condemned,
And The Father has declared its end!...


Says The Lord.

From: Blood Pours Down

7/12/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Holy One, your Redeemer: Beloved, My treasure, My most beloved ones, here I am! Hear Me! I am poured out like wax before the fire; like a candle, I am dripping with tears! Yet you have not come to Me! My love was poured out, My spirit fell like rain upon the nations... Tears and great mourning... I poured Myself out to heal the nations! Blood and tears, pools of blood, the agony of My passion, My love put on open display!
Yet who is healed in My love? Where is the harvest among the nations, according to the latter rain? It withers, blighted wheat waning in the heat of the noonday sun, planted in the hard and cracked ground, revealing the broken roots thereof; the rains have ceased and are withheld from the land, the hand of The Holy One removed.
Captive children, held fast by the pride and arrogance of men whose hearts remain far from Me, shackled to a world of bitter enmity against God and His Messiah, refusing My Letters of Love, stopping your ears to My voice... Weeping and many tears... I had set you free! Behold, I have freely given! I have not ceased from calling to you through My spirit and by the pen of My prophets, yet you will not listen, nor will you give heed! Even you, O churches of men, will in no wise hear Me, nor are you able! - Arrogant assemblies! DEAF CHILDREN!

Bitter children, amiss in your dealings with Me,
I love you, yet you refuse Me still
In favor of your own way!...

Peoples of this world, and all pastors
And teachers and leaders among men,
You are forsaken, given up to the fire...

The fires of My own correction,
The harsh discipline of The Father,
The day of refinement and tears.

I love you, yet you have not known Me; neither do I see of Myself in you... Our hearts torn. For I see your hearts, beloved, I see and know. Behold, I have searched, and have not found even one tittle of that which is of Me! Cry out, therefore! Call out to your Savior! Call upon your Maker in My name! DIE TO YOURSELVES! Forsake this world and run to Me through the fire, and I shall abide with you in the heat of its burning, until that which must be done is finished and you emerge purified.
Humble yourselves! Cast yourselves down! I am your Father! I LOVE YOU! Yet you have departed from Me, wasting your inheritance in a world of unbridled sin, a world which even now hates you, a world which you have loved more than Me, even yourselves!
And so I have written to you page after page by the pen of My prophets, shouting to you by all manner of speaking and devices, calling to you across the ages, speaking to THIS generation with many tears and much sorrow, warning you of My wrath which must come and is now here and shall quickly overtake this world. And still you push out the hand! Do you not understand?! I have seen it; nothing escapes My eye!
Churches of men, I have seen it! Modern Pharisees, you fight against Me! You fight against The God of your fathers, The One and Only True God! And whatsoever you do to even one of these I have sent to you, whether in word or by deed, you have done it to Me!... Yet I love you still... My heart is torn, a rent which widens, a rent which you have made! Why do you tear yourselves from Me?! For apart from Me, you can do nothing! Apart from Me is darkness, thick darkness and death!

The time has passed, beloved ones; My bride is chosen and the first election is made; the bundles are prepared and set in their places. Therefore I tell you, when you look for Me in the Day, look no more to yourselves, nor in man-made churches; behold, they shall all be torn down! For in them I have not dwelled... I dwell in the hearts of men!
And when darkness has fallen and your tears well up, a bitter rain brought forth from a heart severely broken, from a spirit crushed by the weight of realization, run and seek out My beacons, My witnesses. For they shall lead you through the fire, and I shall abide with you, accompanying you on your journey... A journey of service and great hardship, of many tears and great sorrows, suffering on every side; a journey of love and hope in the midst of great adversity, the end of which shall bring a great multitude into My love, with every servant washing the feet of his neighbor until death comes and sets you free; caught up into My love, healed in an instant, refashioned in glory, remade in My image, partaking of My life fully.

For as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten,
Bringing forth much thanksgiving
To the praise of My glory...

As it is written, so shall it be done...

Therefore trust in My ways,
For I am The King alone;
Apart from Me, there is nothing at all.

From: Captive Children (a Lamentation)

10/20/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Children, I had sent to you Grace! Oh most beloved of My heart, My created ones, I am your own Father! Even I have loved you, sacrificing My own Son, spilling My own blood which runs in His veins! I LAID MYSELF UPON THE ALTAR! Sorrows, most bitter sorrows, such enmity and tears! Your Shepherd weeps for you! I take no pleasure at all in your destruction! Yet you choose death, you choose death! OH BELOVED, YOU CHOOSE DEATH!
Estranged children, you are far from Me, returning to Me hate though I Myself have loved you. Little children, return to Me that I may heal you! Receive of Me and partake of My supper; receive of this bread I have broken for you, drink of this wine I have poured out for you! STOP BREAKING MY HEART!

Tears, bitter and deep sorrows, wailing in all the earth. The day is far spent, night is here; all lampstands removed from their places, all candlesticks put out, all light gathered and taken; darkness, thick darkness spreads forth across the land. Behold, you are undone and given up to judgment. For only those who receive of grace shall abide in it, and only those who are accepted shall be taken; the rest left to dwell in judgment, choosing not to escape from underneath its shadow. For it has fallen and shall be very heavy, a weight which can not be moved, a weight awash in tears and blood and much death, a burden of heavy sorrows... Reap, O Son of Man, reap! Lay the axe to the trees, level the forest and burn the branches! Uproot and destroy and judge the earth; judge and destroy! Refine and uplift until the Day is done, says The Lord God.

Therefore thus says The Lord, yes I, The Everlasting who is from everlasting to everlasting; I AM: Repent, and give Me glory! Embrace and kiss The Holy One of Israel! His name is YahuShua HaMashiach, King of kings, Lord of lords, My Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him! Eat of His body and drink of His blood!

My children, give up this life and depart from all
This sin, forsake this world and now walk in MY ways,
And you shall surely escape all these things, lifted up to glory!...

From Glory to Glory, from Grace to Grace...

Life without end."

Excerpt from:
A Day of Thick Clouds and Darkness, Bitter Sorrows...
The Day of Deliverance and Judgment, The Day of The Lord

4/8/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
For All Those Who Call of Themselves Christian
And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord of Heaven and Earth: I have seen and I have heard, and no more shall I allow all this iniquity to thrive before My face! No more shall I allow all these abominations to proliferate throughout the earth!

Thus says The Lord your Redeemer, He who weeps for you; behold, with many tears I speak to you: Oh My beloved lost sheep, you have wandered far from Me, you have gone astray! Why, beloved?! Why have you forsaken Me?! You were to be My treasure! Oh how I weep for you; yes, I weep for you, beloved! Turn aside and return to Me, for I call to you still!
Where are you, beloved? You are lost, chasing after every unclean thing in a world which seeks only to consume you! Come home! COME HOME, MY BELOVED ONES! There is no more time to tarry! For the time has come for The Father’s indignation to be poured out, and all the children of disobedience shall come to know it! Yes, all these insolent and rebellious peoples shall surely drink of it!
Yet here I am, beloved! Look up, My children, and give Me glory! Repent in dust and ashes, wail and lament loudly! CRY OUT! For there is but One Salvation, only one name under Heaven by which you must be saved, One God and One Savior, only One who can fulfill your heart’s innermost desire... I am He, beloved! I AM HE! YahuShua is My name!

Beloved, come out from among them and be joined unto ME!...

Be sheltered from all these troubles which are coming
And are already here; be spared from all these things
Which I am about to pour out upon this generation!...

Now is the accepted time! Today is the day of salvation!
Escape to The Father’s house!...

Thus have I spoken it and so shall it be,
For I swear by Myself, says The Lord, it has begun.

From: Lost Sheep

Section Two

10/19/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Behold, the churches have removed themselves far from Me! For they have played the harlot, and cleave to the breast of another! Tears, great anguish fills My heart! The stripes which I bore for them remain, yet they continue to bruise Me and persecute My body while mocking Me, spitting in My face on account of My words, continuing in their unjust cause, that they might silence My messengers and shut My mouth from speaking!"

Excerpt from: Women in Mourning

11/19/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: There are many gathered together, of one heart and one mind; there are many scattered abroad, with faces turned by the wind, with chapped cheeks and red faces; there are many who have embraced him whose heel is lifted up against Me.

What are all these tears?! - Flowing streams without hope, torrents with no outlet, flooding sorrows drowning every hope and killing every good intention! What is this leaning upon God’s people, oppressing them, crushing them?! Who are all these who spit in My eyes and lay stripes upon My back?! Are not My people delivered?! And still the voice of the multitude says, “There is no hope in God.”
Dark counsel is increased! Concealed truth devastates the ignorant, while men in authority step upon the fingers of the innocent! How long shall dark counsel prevail?! Shall veiled intentions come upon My people, to do great harm in an instant?! Shall the nations lie down in death, for lack of remorse?! For I see no sincere repentance, nor has one truly turned about.
How long shall the multitudes swear by things made, and place their trust in the works of man?! For the desolate know not the things of God, nor is darkness able to understand; yea, the wicked gnash upon their teeth, the whole body convulses in the wake of mourning, for there is no rest.

Yet My hand caresses the cheeks of the hopeless,
As we watch the dawning of the day together...

For the strength of My arm uplifts the downtrodden,
My strong embrace heals the sorrowful,
Every beat of My heart revives the dead,
And the sound of My voice frees every captive...

Behold, the power of My love hides them away!...

Says The Lord.

From: Blessed Hope

10/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Return to Me, My children! Come to Me in the Day and cool My tears! For My heart is burdened because of you, My countenance has fallen on your account! Tears run down My cheeks and fall heavily upon the earth, a most bitter lamentation! For I, even I have loved you! Says The Lord.
Cry out therefore, and I shall send to you My beacons; behold, by their hand have I called to you many times already. Yes, these are the very same over which your hearts have waxed gross, the very same by which you shall receive these words anew, even the Word of My mouth. For I am not without mercy.
And though of your houses I shall make a full end, I shall not make a full end of you. And though I break you, and you lie down in death for My name’s sake, I will not forsake you utterly as the wicked. For they shall go into perpetual darkness, a void of lifeless nothingness, forever. No, I will not leave you to the worms who devour, nor allow your flesh to rot, nor shall any man tread upon your corpses. Behold, I shall gather you to Myself, and you shall wail upon My bosom, with many tears, until your soul runs dry and you are healed.
And never again shall you walk in the ways of the world and men, nor in evil, to your own hurt. From Me you shall never again depart, and in MY life you shall walk all of your days, until time has lost all meaning, even forever and ever, singing songs to the praise of My glory. And you shall be My joy, says The Lord who made you, even He who purchased you in My own blood. For as The Son is one with The Father, and The Father with The Son, so shall you be one in Him and Him in you, forever. Thus as it is written, so shall it be: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Amen.

Therefore this Trumpet, which is
Of these seven and is also the seventh,
Shall be blown loudly until the time...

Then all must grow quiet at My command,
Making way for the next to sound...


Excerpt from:
The Last Trumpet before The Time

8/19/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"BEHOLD, WICKEDNESS INCREASES BY MEASURE! And oh how the people love to have it so! For they all have itching ears! They give heed to every wind of doctrine, and hold fast to every false expectation and arrogant assumption! They are continually led away; none have truly discerned, nor are they able!... Oh sadness, bitter sorrow, My beloved has forsaken Me! She cleaves to the breast of another, and has not known Me! Therefore do My tears flow down, My face is wet with grief! For I had called out to her, yet I heard no answer! I lifted up My voice, yet she did not come out to meet Me! Behold, in My zeal I stretched out My arms to embrace her, yet she refused Me!
My people, the trumpet is blown, the call has went out, yet few have assembled before the tent of meeting. For there are many who claim to know Me, there are many who say they are My servants, a great multitude who claim they are My people, yet they are not My people! For they do not observe justice, neither do they seek to do what is right."


"Behold, upon a cracked reed they have placed all their trust; they lean heavily upon a way which is not good! Therefore I shall break up their fallow ground, and cause their reed to splinter beneath them, and they too shall be pierced! Says The Lord... Beloved, My eyes are full of tears, My heart heavy with grief! The cry of mourning is heard at noonday, great wailing breaks forth in all the earth! For the wound of this people is grievous, their affliction most severe! Yet who shall plead their cause in the Day of Calamity?! Who shall bind up the wound?! For they have surely rejected Me!"

Excerpts from: I Am Calling You Out! (Part 1)

4/11/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"My heart is heavy, My eyes shed tears without end, says The Lord. And what shall I say then? Shall I turn My face from all this evil, from all this murder and violence which breaks forth as a flood, covering the land in tears and blood? Shall I turn back from My purpose? Shall I turn My back, and let Israel burn?! For I tell you the truth, Jacob is about to stumble, Israel is about to make a grave error! Behold, the nations shall turn their backs as her enemies gather, and shut their eyes as they seek to strike her from existence!...
Yet I shall not turn My back, nor will I turn My face from Israel! And though it greatly pains My heart, for I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked, My wrath shall be satisfied."

Excerpt from: Deliverance

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