Regarding Marriage

Section One

Reconciliation in Marriage

An unyielding heart sows discord in marriage,
And stubbornness shuts the door to reconciliation...

Yet the one who is first to say,
“I’m sorry” is wise, defusing any argument;
And the one who is quick to forgive
Heals the breach.

Reconciliation in Marriage

The First Stitch

The first stitch, to mend any rent,
Are the words “I’m sorry”...

Says The Lord.

The First Stitch

Blessed are those given and received in marriage,
Who keep My Commandments...

For they shall experience love,
Compassion, understanding,
Much joy and earthly fulfillment.

Blessed Are Those Who Walk in My Ways

10/28/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: When lying together, remember the decrees of God concerning these things of sex and intimacy: You shall not lie with another outside of marriage; even sex before marriage, called fornication, is adultery. Do not think of others while lying with your spouse; this is adultery of the heart. You shall not lie with your wife during her monthly shedding of blood. You shall not behold sexual sin with your eyes, nor partake of any form of pornography, for to do so is to sin with them; this too is adultery. You shall perform no unnatural acts, nor shall you partake in sodomy. And no man or woman, in all creation, shall lie with another of their same gender! This is abomination in the eyes of The Most High God and filled with blasphemy!

For I gave unto man woman,
From his side did I form her,
And he who was one became two...

And behold, the two became one again
In marriage, two of one flesh,[1]
Man and woman...

And I saw that it was very good.

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