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10/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"My people are slain and disemboweled and paraded through the streets, hung upon the walls as trophies and spoils of war, IN THE NAME OF THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, according to the name by which I am called among them! Yet I am not their God! And though I AM, even God alone, allah is NOT My name! For this allah is no god; he is an idol, the works of men written in a book, a graven image!
Oh sons of Ishmael, you have all become sons of perdition, adopted children of satan, from which your religion came forth! Your prophet was deceived by the devil! At no time did he hear My voice, I sent no messenger to him! You are all deceived, acolytes of satan, sons of Cain! Did I not choose Isaac and send Ishmael away? Did I not preserve Isaac from sacrifice and provide the lamb? Was not Abraham’s fear of The Lord perfect among his generations? Yet you do not fear Me, and for My people you have no regard! Is Israel a homeborn slave in your eyes?! Did Jacob steal your possession by treachery?! Or is it you who has rejected your inheritance?!
Thus you are as reprobate silver to Me, and Israel shall be treasured among the nations! And He who sits upon the throne of David shall be Lord over you, forever, for on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance and holiness to The Lord! The descendants of Isaac shall possess your possessions, and the house of Jacob shall rule the land, for My Olive Tree shall overshadow all nations! Blessed, therefore, are all those who eat of it and seek shelter beneath its branches.
Yet you only conceive violence in your heart against your neighbor, and murderous thoughts against your own brother! Behold, only hate fills your heart, and abhorrence runs through your veins like poison, a wild man without conscience! Thus your iniquity has not ceased, and your transgression is increased beyond measure! For it is written: Your hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against you. For you are full of pride, and your ego swells like water upon the flood plains of Egypt. Thus the pride of your heart has greatly deceived you.
Therefore, I shall leave you desolate in the Day of Recompense! And in the day My witnesses stand up, upon you there shall be no rain, neither the former nor the latter! For I am against you! Says The God of Jacob. I have set My eyes upon you for harm, and not for good! For I shall surely return your reprisal upon your own head, and as you have done, so shall it be done to you! Shall I not cause the land to tremble before Me and sift you from the holy lands, dividing you asunder, allotting you your portion among those appointed to wrath?! For I shall surely slay all your mighty men of battle! Behold, even I shall bring your generation to a sudden end, leaving not one male among you above twenty years of age! For I shall surely turn your land into mourning and leave all your women childless!
Yet among the heavy-laden, those who are severely oppressed because of you, I shall have mercy. For from among them I shall bring forth a remnant. For I have seen the hearts of the battered, and I know the minds of the oppressed; I have looked upon those with no hope, of whom you held captive from birth; I know who longs for Me. Behold, even I shall come forth from My place and deliver them, even every captive. For the tears of My people are great because of you, and the women among you weep because you are brutish, O sons of Ishmael! Thus I shall deliver them from your hand, and you shall be sent away, for you have not known Me! Says The Lord.

O despicable peoples, REPENT, and turn
Back from this wicked way you have chosen!...

Yet you will not turn, nor will you forsake all these abominations!
For you do continually plot evil against your brother, and your
Hands do not cease from shedding innocent blood!...

Your works are a foul stench in My nostrils, a detestable lump
Under the skin, a putrefying sore that refuses to be healed!

Shall I not repay you for all these things,
Even double?! Says The Lord God...

Shall I not come down and tear you to pieces,
For what you have done?! Says The God of Israel.

Shall I not destroy your lands and persecute your people with the sound of My voice, day and night?! Shall I not move swiftly and grind them to powder beneath the feet of The Holy One of Israel?! Shall I not come down and consume and destroy?! Thus it shall come to pass in that day: You shall fall, never to rise again, and it shall be as though you had never been! Declares YAHUWAH, The Only Lord of Hosts. And NO MORE shall there be any gods before Me! NO MORE shall anything, made by the hands of men, stand proudly before My face!"

Excerpt from: The Last Trumpet before The Time

4/3/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold, The Lord is high and lifted up! The Lord has seen the travail of His people, and remembered the sins and blasphemy of the wicked one and those who follow him, those who have given heed to his lies and subtle deceptions... The Lord God has seen and He has heard, and He will not forget!
Yes, He has remembered the blood which stains the hands of the people of violence, and has remembered their deeds and will not forget their iniquity. For they have lifted up their countenances against The God of Israel, and in their great arrogance they say within themselves, “We will ascend above the mountains of Israel and defile the land! We shall slay the descendants of Jacob, and destroy all his pleasant plants! We shall pull them up by the roots and cast off Israel from being a nation, forever!”
Yet The God of Israel has seen it; YAHUWAH has heard it, and shall surely repay! He shall recompense their every deed upon their own heads, and turn all their plans back on their own people! For The Lord God Himself shall come out of His place and fight against them!

Behold the great nation! Says The Lord...
Look upon the multitudes of Ishmael!
They are numerous and mighty, and without remorse;
Many nations and peoples who surround the land,
A perverse people who practice abomination!...

Lo, five times per day they bow down and praise
Their god by the spirit of him who was cast down!...

Thus the one who shall stomp upon The Holy Covenant has come,
And shall soon make peace with you, O sons of Ishmael;
But there shall be no peace.

For thus says The Lord God: I shall stretch out My arm and strike you in your violence! And while you are in the midst of your rage I shall destroy you, and cause every man to turn his weapon against his brother, and in your madness you shall be consumed! For I AM THE LORD, and I know of your murderous aspirations against My people and the hate which you have for Me!
Therefore, thus says The Lord: My face is turned against you, and My arm shall be outstretched, until I have utterly wiped you from the face of the land! On pins and needles, nails and broken glass shall you walk, tearing the flesh of your feet!... The blood of your disgrace trailing after you, staining your streets; the pain of which shall not cease, neither shall you find respite.
Therefore, this is what The Lord God has decreed and shall be done; because you have trodden underfoot My Commandments and do not cease from persecuting and murdering My people, laying your hands upon the flock beloved of The Shepherd, to do them harm, THUS SAYS THE LORD: YOU SHALL BE THE FLOCK GIVEN UP TO THE SLAUGHTER! Behold, I shall paint the hills with the blood of your fathers and with the blood of your sons! The mountains of Israel shall drip with the blood of all your mighty men! For The Lord is against you, O people of violence! Behold, The Holy One of Israel is against you, O wicked sons of Ishmael! Thus I shall repay you for all your wickedness! Even I shall bring a horrible recompense upon your heads for all your iniquity, in where you have despised Me!

BEHOLD, MY WRATH SHALL BE UPON YOUR WHOLE MULTITUDE; IT SHALL REACH INTO EVERY LAND WHERE THE NAME OF ALLAH IS WORSHIPED; ISHMAEL SHALL SURELY DIE! For he has greatly blasphemed My name and desecrated My holy place, neither has he ceased from doing My people harm; behold, blasphemies have not ceased from proceeding from his mouth! Therefore I shall cause him to choke, and for the overflow of his abominations shall I cause him to drown, even in his own vomit!

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, O sons of Ishmael: Your rotting corpses shall lie in the streets on account of all your murders, by which you have struck My people in your wrath with a continual stroke! Yes, you shall fall down, even in the midst of your polluted sanctuaries, crushed beneath the weight of your abominable temples! Behold, I shall utterly tread you down, says The Lord God of Israel, until I have ground all your abominations to dust, and caused your people to pass from remembrance forever! For you are vile, all your works are detestable in My sight; thus the wrath of YAHUWAH is kindled against you, O despicable people! Behold, it shall fall hard upon you, O rejected nation, until you are utterly consumed!
Thus says The Lord of Power and Glory: Behold, My anger shall not be turned away, until My vengeance is satisfied! For I shall come out suddenly to avenge Myself upon My enemies, and in My rage I shall destroy all your strongholds! For My sword is sharpened, and with it I shall strike swiftly and cut you down! In the heat of My fury I shall tear you, pull off your limbs and divide you asunder! Behold, even I shall burn the residue in My hot displeasure! Then all who look upon you shall be greatly astonished, and many peoples both far and wide shall know, I AM THE LORD, and there is no other!
Behold, I shall dry up your lands and smite your peoples; a wasteland of sorrows shall be your meat, and suffering your drink! For as you have done to My servants, whom I love, so shall it be done unto you; behold, even double shall you receive at My hand! My eye shall not spare, nor shall I show you any pity! For the Day of Wrath has come, and who shall stand?!
Therefore it is fulfilled, O great nation, descendants and adopted sons of Ishmael, and shall also come to pass, for the mouth of The Lord has spoken it: You shall lift up your hand against every man and every man shall lift up his hand against you; and as one you shall lift up your heel against My people and come against My holy mountain... Yet I shall step down suddenly and crush you! And with the backward swipe of My hand, you shall be scattered and fall hard upon the ground!

O deceived nation, how long shall you attempt to corrupt My Word?...
How long shall you deny Me and My Son, YahuShua HaMashiach,
The Holy One, He who is called Christ and Jesus, The Lord?...
How long shall you follow in the way of satan,
Walking eagerly in his cause, his acolytes?

Thus says The Lord God of Israel: YOU SHALL NOT CHANGE, NOR ADD TO, NOR TAKE AWAY FROM THE WORD OF THE LORD MOST HIGH! NOR SHALL YOU DENY MY NAME! NOR SHALL YOU POLLUTE THE NAME I HAVE GIVEN MY SON, WHO IS CALLED CHRIST! Therefore you shall not be alone in your desolation, for even your enemy, the church which rules from the city of seven hills, shall join you in your punishment! For your whoredoms and murders are stacked up, one atop another throughout the generations, reaching even unto the heights of heaven! And so The Lord God has declared your end; behold, a terrible end shall come upon you!... DESTRUCTION FROM THE ALMIGHTY, UNTIL THE BLOOD REACHES UNTO THE NECK!
Indeed, all these religions of the world are in vain. Every one of them worships false gods and looks always to their idols. Yet even these shall have it far better than you, when the day of God’s wrath is revealed. Even the heathen shall be spared, when he calls upon the name of The Lord in that day... And the name by which he shall call upon Me is YahuShua HaMashiach; for there is no other name under Heaven by which you must be saved, than by The King’s alone. Yet even the ignorant man who calls upon Me by the name Jesus or Christ, in sincere repentance, shall be accepted; for I know the hearts of men.

Now hear what The Lord God says: As I am, says The Lord, so is The Messiah. Therefore, whatsoever I will is done by Him; and whatsoever I decree as sanctified is sanctified by Him; and those condemned to destruction shall be destroyed by Him. Whatsoever is corrupted is made incorruptible by Him, and what was once dead is made alive by Him... Even all who love Me shall obey Him, receiving everlasting life because of Him. For those who love Him love Me, and those who worship Him worship Me, and shall pass from judgment into life. For I have glorified the name of Mashiach, and I shall do so again. Behold, YahuShua is Lord over Heaven and Earth, for The Father and The Son are One, even from everlasting to everlasting, ONE.  
Thus says The Lord of Power and Glory: Do I have any pleasure at all in the destruction of the wicked? NO! Do I not rather prefer that the wicked turn from his evil ways and do what is right, that all people repent and return to Me?... Yet I see your hearts, O sons of iniquity. For your father was cast out of the camp of Abraham, and so shall you be cast out of the land! Behold, I shall spit you out, and the earth shall consume you!

Therefore listen to what The Lord God says,
AND REPENT, and I may yet find a place for you;
For I am The Father of all...
And I know who has corrupted your hearts,
And the means by which you have come to be
Filled with so much hate, violence and sin...
The devil is your true adversary!

Behold, he has been cast down, and goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. And devour you he will, even by your own selfish desires and evil intentions, by which he has also caused you to turn against The One and Only True God, yes I, The God of Abraham, of whom you say is your God!... Yet you do not know Me, nor will I hear your prayers, for your prayers are an abhorrence to Me! For you adhere to a book which is filled with abominations, many corrupt words brought forth from a lying spirit! Indeed you follow one who is dead, a man who you say was a prophet of God; yet he was NOT My prophet, nor did I speak to him, nor did I send him! He was deceived by the evil one, even as you are deceived! YOU ALL SERVE SATAN AND SHARE IN HIS ASPIRATIONS! YOU SHALL SURELY DIE!

Therefore hear what The Lord requires, listen and so do, and you will surely live and not die... Thus says The Lord: All have sinned. There are none righteous, no, not one. Therefore, from the beginning, The Lord God has required sacrifice for sin and blood for atonement. Yet mankind would not be saved by the blood of rams and goats, nor lambs of the first year, though they have no spot or blemish... Only the pure blood of a man, without sin, begotten of God, could save mankind from themselves... Behold The Lamb of God, who was beaten and bruised, scourged and mocked and hung upon the tree, yes, even the cross!... YahuShua HaMashiach, The Salvation of God!

Thus says The Lord: ONLY GOD MAY FORGIVE SINS! And though they be great in number, even as the stars in heaven, The Lord God has forgiven them through the sacrifice of one man who bore them in His own body, though He had no part in sin in and of Himself... He died! Behold, He is risen! For He is The Son of Man, The Only Begotten of The Father, God in the flesh, Immanu El; The Only Way, The Only Truth, The Only Life!

Therefore, hear the word of The Lord: Cry out His name and be spared! Be spared from My wrath, escape My vengeance! YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH IS THE ONLY WAY! Deny Him and you are lost, given up to judgment and death; the inheritance of the wicked, the punishment for all followers of satan and his servant!

Behold, The Lord is wrathful, The Lord is full of vengeance!...

Yet My mercy endures forever for all who abide in My Mercy,
Yes He who was sent to fulfill My mercy,
For YahuShua is The Loving Mercy of God!...

In His right hand He holds The Book of Life;
And behold, He has the power to blot you from its pages
And your part in life, if you will not repent;
And He has the power to grant you everlasting life,
If you so choose to receive of His life.

Therefore, embrace The Master and He shall embrace you;
For He is your Carpenter and Father, through Him were you made;
Behold, He loves His children with a deep, unfathomable love...

 Therefore come, gather together in His name,
And He will surely be amongst you...

Repent and call on His name, in sincerity and in truth,
And He shall forgive you and heal you and take you,
That you may be with Me where I am...

YAHUWAH has spoken.

From The Letter: Prophecy against Ishmael

10/16/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, why have you forsaken Me?! Even to this day, O Israel, you have not ceased from walking in the ways of your forefathers, stoning My prophets in word and by deed, seeking always to kill or imprison those sent to you. Have I not gathered you with a mighty hand from among the nations, restoring you to your own land, even granting you great increase? Yet you do not embrace Me, for you yet push out the hand against My Holy One; you refuse to drink from His cup... How long shall you seek to murder your King?! How long will you deny The Way I have set before you?! How long shall you blaspheme The Truth, which I sent into the world to testify?! You have forsaken Life! You refuse the blood I poured out for you!

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how long will you let His blood drip from your fingers?!...

For I tell you the truth, the stain of your guilt remains,
As you pass it from one generation to the next...

 Thus YOU fulfill the curse by which
Your forefathers had cursed themselves!...
YOU freed the murderer and condemned The Innocent!...
YOU murdered The Author of Life and hung your
Salvation upon a tree, piercing His hands and His feet!

Behold, even those who dwell among you, who are called Christian, do pollute My name and crucify Me again and again in their hearts, by all they say and do; a very perverse people, a corrupt religion which looks nothing like Me; churches of men who worship themselves and their own ideals as they proclaim a christ, an idol, which they have formed in their own image, continually reshaping it to meet their own expectations, that they might uphold their own traditions, which I hate!... Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, why have you forsaken Me?!
Your enemies dwell at the gates and have entered the city! Behold, they dwell upon the mount desecrating the land, bowing down five times per day to their god, a false image, a very grave error for he is no god; a religion built upon the works of the evil one, acolytes who walk in his footsteps, bearing fruit according to his likeness; multitudes of deceived peoples, a whole nation of evil workers practicing that which satan delights in!... O sons of perdition, you have no place in My Holy Mountain, for you shall be utterly destroyed when it falls hard upon you! You shall be wiped from off the land, your every temple torn down and burned with fire! I shall bring upon you a great slaughter! From city to city death shall pursue you, and fire shall lick at your heels as you attempt to flee! Says The Lord God of Israel.
And when the day comes, yea it has come and is here, O house of Israel, when your enemies band together and come out to fight against you with numbers beyond compare, a great multitude; every man fitted with weapons of death and slaughter, an astounding company with many machines of war, a terrible army the likes of which has never been seen... Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, shall I also forsake YOU, and leave YOU to the slaughter?! Shall I now turn My back on YOU, and leave YOU to annihilation?! O Israel, shall I let you burn in the fire?!
Shall I leave Jacob to be plowed like a field? Have I gathered you together in one place, only to let you be overcome by your enemies round about? For you have indeed sinned against Me and you forsake Me still. Thus I tell you plainly, behold I speak it to you once again, though you have no ears to hear: I AM THE LORD. And I have dealt with you for My own name’s sake, and not according to your wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O house of Israel!
Therefore, with the backward swipe of My hand shall I scatter those who have drawn near to destroy you, and with the blast of My nostrils shall all their wings be broken off! My footsteps shall shake the earth and bring destruction upon all their devices! The heat of My anger shall come up into My face, causing a terrible fire to consume them! My voice shall speak into the air, and many shall be driven mad!... Behold, in My jealousy and in the fire of My wrath I shall speak, and brother shall turn against brother, and nature shall rise up and fight against them! For is this not the day spoken of by My prophets of old?! Is this not the day I declared from the beginning, that it would come?! Is this not the day I rise up and defend My people Israel, and cause My name to resound in all the earth?!"

Excerpt from: A Heavy Stone, a Bitter Burden

9/23/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God: ENEMIES OF THE LORD, COME FORTH! Be drawn out, all you detestable birds! Come forth and be drawn out! Come and fight, make a stand, O enemies of The King! Let the ruthless step forward and the evil of heart stand up in their place, and give the order! Come forth, all you mighty men; be gathered together against The Lord and His anointed!

Come out to conquer and seek your
Prize, all you men of false valor!...

Come out in the name of your god,
All you wicked men of allah!...

Come out in the name of your false
Prophet, that I may tread you down,
That I may reach down and make of you
A great slaughter, that My sword may
Pierce the heart of your god and cut
Off the head of your prophet!...


Excerpt from: Enemies of The Lord, Come Forth

10/7/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Behold, in that day I shall come down and murder every god of the Gentiles, to which they have prepared offerings and made sacrifices, to which they have prayed and bowed down, to which they have worshiped in vain!
Even the god of the sons of Ishmael shall die in that day, for he is not God! HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME! He is a facade of the devil, an elaborate deception of satan whose heart is wroth, whose ways are a never-ending offense! For at his heart he declares, “I will profane the name of The Lord, and pollute the majesty of His being. Behold, I shall cause the nations to worship me and harken to my words; yea, I shall deceive the whole world. And who shall deliver them from my power, or from the many snares which I have set for them? And behold, men shall hate The God of Israel and loathe His chosen people. Yes, they shall gather unto me and to my servant, and we together shall build a great army. And darkness shall prevail rather than light, and The King who was and is and is to come shall be defeated.”
BEHOLD, I AM AGAINST YOU, SATAN! SAYS THE LORD GOD. Even I, YAHUWAH, THE FATHER OF ALL NATIONS, AM AGAINST YOU! Thus you shall surely be brought down to shame! And as the beast of the field treads down the tall grass, so shall My people tread upon you! For of such are all your plans before Me, of such are all these false gods before Me - Dry grass! Here today and tomorrow thrown into the fire! I AM THE LORD!"

Excerpt from: I Am Calling You Out! (Part 2)... Come Out of the Churches of Men and I Will Receive You! Says The Lord

1/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold, I shall be The God of horror and dreadful signs to them and their idols, the destroyer of all their temples, The One who reigns in Israel who breaks apart all their false foundations, The King, The Mighty and Strong One who smashes in pieces and wipes away even all they hold sacred! IT SHALL BE BROKEN IN PIECES! Behold I, even I, shall murder every god of the pagans and of the Gentiles, for they are no gods! Even the god of the sons of Ishmael shall die in that day, for he is no god! HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME!

Then they will know, I AM THE LORD,
For there is no other and none like Me...

The One True God, THE ONLY GOD,
Whose fury has come in His burning jealousy;
Elohim, YAHUWAH, also being your only
Salvation and escape; behold, all shall know
Me and see My face, YAHUSHUA...

Bow therefore, and give glory to My name!
For it is time! Return to Me!

Excerpt from: The Voice of The Almighty God

12/25/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

For I am a jealous God, and I will not share My glory!

Behold, the anger of The Lord shall burst forth to the conquering of nations, to the punishing of great kings, to the slaughter of mighty men, to the utter destruction of every false god, to the smashing of every idol!...




AND TO THE KINGS AND CHIEF PRINCES WHO SURROUND MY PEOPLE, TO EVERY TEMPLE OF ALLAH AND EVERY IDOL! Behold, I shall murder the god of the sons of Ishmael before their eyes, and he shall die in that day, for he is no god! Neither can he save or deliver any out of My hand! For I shall cover his prophet with shame, and cause his name to become as an awful spewing among the nations, a byword and a hissing in all the earth!...

AND WHEN THE DAYS ARE ACCOMPLISHED, I SHALL BRING MY HAND AGAINST THE KINGS OF THE NORTH, AND EVERY IDOL! I shall tear them in pieces and cast down their ruler, covering their cities with darkness and their people with sores! Wailing and gnashing of teeth shall be heard without ceasing, until I have made a full end! Says The Lord.


Behold, the first of the vessels is tipped
And shall shortly be overturned,
Its contents rushing forth like a flood!...

For My countenance is changed,
My anger is come to the full
And fills My face like fire!...

Thus the time of The Great Recompense
Has come, and can not be turned back!...


Excerpt from: I Am Moved to Wrath