Regarding Healing

Healing by Faith

Healing by Faith

Faith is believing I AM WHO I AM, and that I am able to perform it. Faith can by no means be attained, nor can one grab hold of it by human means.

For there are works done without faith, which are dead; and a faith which has works, which is also dead. Yet your faith came by My works, which enabled you to believe I AM WHO I AM. And all good works, which come forth from you, are My works also.
Therefore if one is to be healed in accordance with My will, that same one must surrender to Me and My will, making no effort to increase their faith by human power as a means to a desired end.

Rather they acquiesce...

Knowing that all things will be done
In their proper time and season,
According to the love
Of their Father in Heaven...

Doubting nothing...

Says The Lord.

From: Healing by Faith

Without Condition

Without Condition

Learn the lesson of obedience in The Lord...

For obedience is far greater than
Witnessing a prophecy come to pass,
And much greater than receiving healing
By a miracle, for obedience is born of love...

For those who have no trust seek after signs;
And those who remain in unbelief
Wait for miracles...

Yet only those who love Me,
Without condition, will remain faithful,
And only those who truly know Me
Will endure in times of trouble...

Says The Lord.

From: Without Condition

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